Dimmer block


The program block is suitable for dimmable light circuits.

Basic programming

The output Q is activated by a pulse at the input Tr. Press and hold the input button Tr up or down.



Tr Triggers The output Q is switched on or off by a pulse; Switch longer press dimming up or down
+ plus Signal to + dims
Signal down
R Reset Resets the output Q to 0.
P Sets this analog value at output Q
Dis Disable Child protection – blocks all inputs. The time function and the operation via the visualization continue to work.



Q Digital output Digital output of the dimmer.
Aq Analogue output Analogue output of the dimmer



R Remanaze entrance Resets the block
SI Step dimmer Indicates the percentage steps
ST Step dimmer Indicates the time the step is over
Min Minimum value of the dimmer Lower limit
Max Maximum value of the dimmer Upper limit
W Mode Up / Down Dimmer (1 = Up / Down)
L Do not set last value