Connecting Power Supplies in Parallel

For parallel operation of power supplies, a few technical details must be observed.

Only the TDK DRF240-24-1 power supply unit is suitable for parallel operation. As of April 2020, we no longer sell this item on our webshop. This Instruction Manual for the DRF-240 power supply range contains important information regarding operation. All other power supplies on the Loxone webshop are not suitable for parallel operation.


Should a power supply be switched off or in the worst case fail, it is necessary to install a diode which protects the secondary power supply from damage caused by an opposite current flow. A Schottky diode can be used for this application . Please do not forget the cooling of the diodes in the form of a suitable heat sink.

  1. Set the output voltage of the power supply to be slightly higher than 24V in order to account for any voltage drop caused by the diode.
  2. Make sure that this is the same for all power supplies in the setup.
  3. Disconnect the connection between pin 1 & 2 from the connector CN201 (black wire).

4.Use the same cross-section and same cable length for optimum load distribution on the output side.

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A maximum of 5 DRF-240 power supplies can be connected. Only 80% of each power supply can be used.