Command Recognition

This block can be used to extract values from any text. The search pattern is defined in the properties.

Table of Contents


Abbreviation Summary Description
T Text Input Command text.


Abbreviation Summary Value Range
Lv Last extracted value


Summary Description Default Value
Command recognition Characters used to extract a value:
\v = value,
\1 = Byte interpreted as 1st byte of the output value (\2, \3, ...),
\h = value interpreted as hexadecimal number

Characters to navigate through the text:
\. = any character,
\w = any word,
\# = any number,
\d = digits 0-9,
\m = character A-Z/a-z/0-9,
\a = character A-Z/a-z,
\s12 = skip 12 characters,
\iText\i = jump to 'Text'

Special characters:
\x = Hexadecimal number (e.g. 0x09),
\\ = Slash,
\t = Tab (0x09),
\b = Space (0x02) or Tab (0x09),
\r = Return (0x0d),
\n = Newline (0x0a)
Signed values If selected, the values \1, \2, \3, etc. are used with algebraic sign in command recognition (Signed Integer). -