Checklist – Interfering signal on the speakers

lso auduble if a ungrounded If you hear a buzzing sound from the speakers, you can troubleshoot using this list.

Please ensure the following in advance

  • The amplification level directly on the channel of the amplifier should be set as low as possible. If this is turned too high, this can cause a buzz. The dial to adjust this can be found on the back of the amplifier at the respective channel (small potentiometer).
  • If you have installed the amplifier and the Musicserver in a rack, make sure that the chassis is not grounded. It is best to place the Musicserver on the amplifier so that the housings do not touch.
  • The musicserver and amplifier should be on the same circuit.

Hum can be heard in all zones

  • Please replace L and N of the power supply of the amplifier or the Musicserver.
  • Is there a Sat or DVBT cable near the amplifier/music server? Keep these as far away as possible, as this may lead to interference.
  • Is the noise also heard when connecting headphones directly to the output of the Musicservers? If so, please contact support.

Hum can only be heard in one or more zones

  • Is the humming also audible if an ungrounded device such as a mobile phone is connected to the amplifier’s line in channel via the headphone jack on the device?
    • If yes please check the cabling of the speakers. A 230V cable in the direct vicinity of a low quality loudspeaker cable can also induce interference voltages.

If you have checked all the tips we have described in your system, there is also the option to place a mass separation filter between the amplifier and the Musicserver, which can filter out the interference voltages.

If after trying the above steps you are still having issues please contact our technical support.