Using the Caller Service the Miniserver places a call on ON/OFF/analog value change and plays the predefined text as a voice message.

For the services (Weather, Caller) the Miniserver must be registered first.
After the services have been purchased in the shop, they can be activated in the Loxone Partner Portal. The license number can be found on the invoice.
A valid internet connection is required for these services.

Every bought Caller Service is using its own unique telephone number.

Table of Contents


Summary Description Default Value
Phone Number Phone number to call
Numbers only inc. country code, no spaces or special characters (eg 00441183130140)
Language Language of entered text -
Allow Response When this box is checked, the dial key input corresponding to the number pressed by the callers phone is activated.
For this, the Miniserver must be accessible externally.
The dial key inputs can only be dialled for 2 minutes from the start of the call!
Monitor Service If selected, you will be notified via System Status or the Cloud Mailer if this service is about to expire or no longer working. -

Programming example

In the Config, there are already placeholders for task forces and emergency contacts under "Messages":

Each caller has 10 dial key inputs with which the callee can answer the call:

Drag the caller to the programming page and link it to the desired function block. If the caller is selected, a text, name and phone number can be entered in the properties window.
With "Allow response" it is possible to respond to the call for 2 minutes from the beginning of the call by pressing a key. To use the feedback function, the Miniserver must be accessible externally.

If the alarm is triggered in our example, emergency contacts 1 and 2 are called. The callees can acknowledge the alarm by pressing key 1.

Add user-defined Caller

To add a Caller, click on "Messages" in the periphery tree and select "Caller" in the menu bar:

Now, the created caller can be defined and linked to the desired function block.

Assign logger, mailer, caller, tracker in the properties window

Alternatively, in the properties window of various blocks, logger, mailer, caller and tracker can be assigned.
For this, the respective message must only be created and the recipient defined.
The text or value defined in the block is output.


The Caller Service is limited to:
10 calls / minute
100 calls / hour
200 calls / day
per Miniserver, regardless of phone number called.
Calls exceeding these limits are blocked.