Audio Player Fixed Group

An Audio Player Group can be used to combine multiple Audio Player blocks. This allows for a uniform music experience in open spaces.

All Audio Player blocks that are in the same group will always play the same source. However, they remain independent in terms of volume, so that a suitable volume can be selected for different areas of a building.

For each desired group, create an Audio Player Group and assign the desired Audio Players in the block settings.

In the following example, a group was created with the Audio Player blocks in the living room and kitchen, since there is no physical separation between the two areas:

11.1 audiogroup fixed

Table of Contents


Abbreviation Summary Description Value Range
V+ Volume+ Increase volume by specified increment (parameter Step). Double-click to select the next favorite. -
V- Volume- Decrease volume by specified increment (parameter Step). Double-click turns off the player. -
V Volume Set volume. If the player is turned off, playback will start automatically.
Play Play Play -
Pause Pause Pause -
P Presence Presence input -
Prev Prev Previous title -
Next Next Next title -
Fav Favorite Plays the favorite with the assigned ID
Alarm Alarm Play alarm sound at alarm volume -
FireAlarm FireAlarm Play fire alarm sound at alarm volume -
Bell Bell Play doorbell sound at doorbell volume -
Buzzer Buzzer Play alarm clock sound at alarm sound volume -
Reset Reset Turns off the player. As long as the input is active, any further operation is blocked. -
Dis Disable Lock object inputs -
DisP DisP Deactivate presence input. As long as this input is active, any change in value at input P is ignored. -
T5 T5 Button 2 (Volume up, next favorite) or button 5 (Volume down, off) of a Loxone Touch is used. Double click on button 3 also turns off the player, unless deactivated by parameter Roff
TTS TTS Play Text-To-Speech at TTS volume -


Summary Description Default Value
Selection All selected function blocks can be controller together. -