Aquastar Air


Instructions for commissioning the Aquastar Air. The Aquastar Air can also be used in salt water pools.

Loxone Download buttonMounting instructions for the Aquastar Air can be found here.


To add the Aquastar Air to your configuration it needs to be learned in. For this, the device needs to be put into learn mode.

First Time:
When the Aquastar Air is first powered up it will automatically be in learn mode for 30 minutes.

To Re-Learn:
The Aquastar Air can be put back into Learn mode at any time. Simply press and hold the Learn button for 5 seconds until the LED flashed Green – Red – Yellow.
The Learn button can be found on the PCB as circled in red below. Please do ensure that the antenna (Yellow Circle) is connected when putting the device into learn mode.

From there, you can carry out the same process as learning in other air devices, for more information on how to learn in your air devices please click here.


The AquaStar Air provides a complete 1-Wire interface with the same features and specifications as the 1-Wire Extension.
For further instructions on 1-Wire, please refer to the 1-Wire documentation page.


It is essential that the water pump in the system is wired directly to the dedicated pump relay on the Aquastar Air as it has a built-in interlock in order to prevent the valve running against the pressure of the water and causing damage to the Aquastar Air. Please do not


This device has been optimised to work alongside the “Pool Controller” function block in the configuration software.

Information on using this function block can be seen here.