Aquastar Air

The Aquastar Air allows automatic backwashing in swimming pools. Additionally, connections for valves, pressure sensors and temperature sensors are integrated.

Installation and operating instructions with technical data

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Follow the installation and operating instructions to install the device. These contain important information and notes on the valve and Valve Actuator.


In delivery state, pairing mode will be active after the power supply has been established. This is indicated by the status LED flashing red/green/orange.

Then follow the pairing procedure on the Air Interface.

To activate the pairing mode manually, hold down the pairing button for at least 5 seconds after establishing power supply.
The pairing button is located on the circuit board, see Installation manual page 10.

Water Level

The water level in the pool can be determined with the help of a pressure sensor.
For this purpose, a 0-0.3 bar pressure sensor is installed in a location where it is fully exposed to the pool water pressure. For example, the main drain pipe can be used for this.
Not suitable are pipes in the filter circuit, or other pipes with changing pressure conditions.

This pressure sensor is connected to the 0-10V input (Ps1) of the Aquastar Air.

1-wire Interface

1-Wire sensors can be connected to the 1-Wire interface of the device.
More about this in the Documentation of the 1-Wire Extension, the properties of the interface are identical.


Summary Description Unit Value Range
Pressure sensor 1 For connecting a 0-10V pressure sensor.
0-6 bar: System pressure
0-0,3 bar: Water level
Transmission cycle: 15 minutes
V 0...10
Pressure sensor 2 For connecting a 0-5V (0,5-4,5V) pressure sensor.
0-6 bar: System pressure
Transmission cycle: 15 minutes
V 0...5


Summary Description Unit Value Range
Relay 1 Relay p 0/1
Relay 2 Relay p 0/1
Relay 3 Relay p 0/1
API Connector Text -

Diagnostic Inputs

Summary Description Unit Value Range
Online Status Aquastar Air Indicates whether the device can be reached by the Miniserver.
Diagnostics for Air devices
Diagnostics for Tree devices
Diagnostics for Extensions
Digital 0/1
System temperature Provides the internal device temperature.
This is often the temperature of the CPU or another location in the device.
Temperature Shutdown If the CPU temperature reaches a critical point, the outputs of the device are switched off. This can be due to short-circuits, overloaded switching loads or too high an ambient temperature. Digital 0/1


Summary Description Default Value
Monitor Online Status When selected, you will be notified via System Status or the Mailer if the device is no longer available or goes offline. -
Serial Number Serial number of Air device -
Device type Air device type -

Safety Instructions

The installation must be carried out by a qualified technician in accordance with all applicable regulations.

The device must not be used as part of safety-critical systems.

Please note the safety instructions in the following installation and operating manual.


Installation and operating instructions with technical data