AO Extension

Quick Start Guide

Technical specifications

AO Extension
Outputs4x 0 – 10V analog outputs (resolution: 0.05V)
Max. Output current20mA
Max. Permissible continuous current10mA
Power supply14 … 28VDC SELF
Power consumptionMax. 1,26W
Total power lossmax 435mW
Ambient temperature0 … 55 ° C
Maximum humidity95% rh (non-condensing)
Protection classIP20
CleaningNo maintenance necessary. Clean with a dry cloth.
Dimensions35.5 x 88 x 57 mm (2 TE)


Power supply:

AO Extension
The power supply is connected to the orange-white terminal. The Loxone Link is connected to the blue and white terminal.

Commissioning Extension:

A guide on how to commission an extension can be found here.

Loxone Config:


NameDescriptionTypevalue range
Online statusThis input is hidden by default and can be displayed via the properties of the device (“Select Display diagnostic inputs”). Monitors the online status of the extension.Digital0/1


NameDescriptionTypevalue range
Voltage 1 – 4Analogue outputs. The settings of each one can be changed in the properties. Provide 0-10v outputs.Analogue0 … 10V

Voltage 1 – 4 – Settings:

Perception correctionAdjusts the output steps to adjust the perception of light. I.E if you are between 0-20%, change in increments of 0.5, if you are between 20-30%, use increments of 1 etc.
Increase [% / s]Speed of how quickly %age changes in % per second. “Jump” means that the target value is jumped to immediately.