Analogue Watchdog


Connect the analogue input to be monitored to the input AI. The allowable range is defined by the parameters TU (upper limit) and TL (lower limit).

When the analogue input value is outside this defined range then the output Q is active.

Analogue Watchdog Diagram


In this example the floor temperature for an UFH zone is being monitored. If the temperature goes too high then the floors may be at risk of damage. Note: this is just for caller or email notification! There should always be a thermostat which isn’t controlled by Loxone in the floor that will stop the floor from heating any more if the floor temperature is exceeded past whatever value manually set on the thermostat.

The upper limit is set to 35 and the lower limit to 15 (alert for room getting cold for example).

Within this range Q will be off, but once outside this range Q will be on.

Analogue Watchdog Config

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Flow control, level control, climate control etc.