Analogue Value Monitor

The function block checks an analog input (V) for exceeding or falling below thresholds.
The output (Te) is activated as soon as the value of input (V) is outside of the tolerance range.
The tolerance range is defined by the parameter inputs upper threshold (TU) and lower threshold (TL).

Table of Contents


Abbreviation Summary Description Value Range
V Value
Off Off Pulse: Outputs are reset / switched off.
On: Block is locked.
Dominating input.


Abbreviation Summary Value Range
Te 1 when threshold exceeded 0/1


Abbreviation Summary Description Value Range Default Value
Rem Remanence input Remanence input: If active, the function block retains its previous state after a Miniserver reboot.
The state of the function block is saved:
– When saving to the Miniserver
– At a planned reboot
– Before a backup
– Once per hour
The data is saved on the SD card.
0/1 0
TU Upper threshold 7
TL Lower threshold 3

Timing Diagram