Analogue Multi Click


This block is similar to the Multiclick block except it does not have the pulsed outputs Q1 to Q4. The Tr input will detect whether there has ben a single, double, triple or quadruple click with a switch. Depending on the multiclick a different value will be output at AQ.

Parameter M allows you to adjust the time between a double click, so the slower you want your double click to be the larger M needs to be. The parameters V1 to V4 allow you to set the value that will be output with the different clicks.

A pulse on input R will set AQ to 0.



Tr Trigger
R Reset


M Maximum time span between two pulses (s)
V1 The value set on AQ for a single click.
V2 The value set on AQ for a double click.
V3 The value set on AQ for a triple click.
V4 The value set on AQ for a quadruple click.


AQ Analogue output depending on the click.