AI Extension

Quick Start Guide

Technical specifications

AI Extension
Inputs4x 0 -10V analog inputs (resolution: 0.05V)
4x 24VDC digital inputs (<1V corresponds to logic 0, 2 – 28V corresponds to logic 1)
Input resistance10k
Power supply9 … 28VDC SELF
Pwer consumptionMax. 72mW
Total power lossmax 392mW
Ambient temperature0 … 55 ° C
Maximum humidity95% rh (non-condensing)
Protection classIP20
CleaningNo maintenance necessary. Clean with a dry cloth.
Dimensions35.5 x 88 x 57 mm (2 TE)

The inputs cannot be used as a frequency counter!

Power supply:

AI Extension
The power supply is connected to the orange-white terminal. The Loxone Link is connected to the blue and white terminal.

Commissioning Extension:

A detailed description of the commissioning of an extension can be found here.

Loxone Config:


NamedescriptionTypevalue range
Voltage 1 – 4Analogue inputs (Can be used as digital inputs by setting the property “Use as digital input”). The sensitivity can be adjusted in the properties.Analogue0 … 10V
Online statusThis input is hidden by default and can be displayed via the properties of the device (“Select Display diagnostic inputs”). This monitors the online status of the extension.Digital0/1

Voltage 1 – 4 – Sensitivity:

NamedescriptionTypevalue range
Minimal changeSpecifies the minimum change. Affects the corrected value.Analogue0 … 10% of the value range
Minimum time intervalSpecifies the minimum time interval between 2 changes in seconds in seconds. I.E for 50ms use 0.05.Analogue
AverageThe time over which all values are averaged out over. I.E if this is set to 10, it will average out values over a 10 second period.