Access Controller

In the properties of the access control block the 1-wire Extension that has got the iButton reader connected must be selected. Select which user groups have got access permissions and also set the times for each group. (Periphery tree > user groups)
(Sel) input to identify the iButton reader if multiple are connected to the same 1-Wire Extension. Following a pulse on (Sel) the permissions for this block are used to verify the identity of the iButton for the duration of (Dsel)

Table of Contents


Abbreviation Summary Description Value Range
Sel Select access controller Pulse to select access controller (when using multiple access controllers) 0/1
Off Off Pulse: Outputs are reset / switched off.
On: Block is locked.
Dominating input.


Abbreviation Summary Value Range
P Permissen given 0/1
Txt Providing the last authorisation details
The text is available as long as the output (P) is on.
Pd Pulse when permission denied 0/1


Abbreviation Summary Description Value Range Default Value
Dsel Duration Access Controller selected If (Dsel) = 0 the authentication check is carried out immediately, (Sel) is not used. 0
Pd Duration pulse when permission given 3


Summary Description Default Value
Assigned Device The following devices are supported:
Loxone Intercom
1-wire extension
Devices with 1-wire interface