Ding Dong! Say hello to the new video-intercom with app support

23rd July 2012 in Technology

Conventional video-intercom systems have been around for a long time now, even some with IP support. However, these systems are of limited use for smart homes – because you need a PC to control them or have a fixed video-intercom panel on your living room wall.

What really is smart though, is when you’re out and about, but can still talk to visitors at your house. With Loxone you can set up a smartphone compatible video-intercom system and create the perfect access control system for your home.

How it works

As soon as someone rings the doorbell, your iPhone, iPad or Android app is notified, and you can see on the display who’s standing at your door. With the intercom you can even speak to the visitor from wherever you are.

There are often situations in which having an external access control system is practical. Whether it’s checking the identity of the cleaner, allowing access to someone delivering a parcel, or just letting guests in the front door during a garden party.

What you need

To use a smartphone as a video-intercom system, you’ll need the following components:

Online Seminar for the video-intercom device on August 6th

For more information on how to configure video-intercom devices in Loxone Config, please see our online documentation or make sure you take part in our next online seminar on the 6th August when we’ll be going through this very topic.