New: Easy Control of Infrared Devices with the new IR Extension

8th June 2012 in Technology

Our new IR Extension allows you to control TVs, projectors, air conditioning units and other IR devices. It also enables you to use an IR remote to control your smart home.

For many years now, infrared technology has been fitted as the standard control interface on many devices. TVs, projectors, DVD-players, music systems, air conditioning units and many other things come with their own infrared remote control.

With the IR Extension you can now control these devices from your Loxone system just like you would with their own remote control. We have not stopped there though. You can not only control IR devices with our Extension, but also receive commands from IR remote controls that you already have. This means you can now use the buttons on your TV remote to dim the lights, close blinds etc.

Even more possibilities for your home

The new IR extension makes the Loxone system even more powerful and opens up new possibilities for integrating devices around your smart home even further.

Total control over your multimedia devices

Whether it’s TVs, DVD-players, music systems or projectors: almost every device can be controlled using infrared and thus can be controlled from the IR extension. It’s therefore possible to integrate seamlessly all your multimedia devices in your smart home. For example:

  • You can turn your TV, sound system and DVD-player on or off with the press of a single button in your living room or on your app.
  • In the morning, the music can come on automatically when you enter the bathroom (using a motion detector).
  • You can turn any of your existing remote controls into a smart controller – enabling you to use it to dim the lights in the living room, turn on the TV, and turn the heating up.

Incorporate air conditioning units and fans into your smart home

The IR Extension makes it possible to control devices which  don’t have a network or serial interface. As a general rule of thumb: all devices which can be controlled with an IR remote can also be controlled with the IR Extension.

You can thus set your air conditioning unit or ventilation to come on if the temperature rises above a certain level or at a certain time of day.

Use your TV remote to control your smart home

With Loxone’s IR Extension you can use all common remote controllers to control your house. This means you could control your lights, blinds, music or heating with existing remote controls.

The extension has a practical ‘learn mode’ which makes it easy to add new remote controls. You can also import templates for common remotes directly in the configuration software.

How it works

The IR Extension itself sits out the way with your other extensions in a safe place and is directly connected to the Miniserver. You can connect up to 8 IR modules to each IR extension; these go in the rooms with your infrared devices.

The IR module has an inbuilt receiver and can be used to receive commands from other IR remotes. In addition, you can connect two transmitters (IR emitters) to each module. 2 button (or dual eye) emitters can be used so you can effectively have up to 4 transmitters connected per IR module.

The IR Extension comes ready with an IR Module and a 2 button IR emitter included, so you can get started straight away with controlling IR devices.

The IR Set: Everything in one package

You can now get everything you need to control infrared devices with your Miniserver in one package. Find out more about our IR-Set now.