The Smartphone-enabled Video Intercom & Doorbell for your Home

11th January 2017 in Technology

Imagine you’re waiting for an important delivery and by the time the postman arrives you’re out shopping. Nobody answers the door and you have to wait another day or the whole weekend to get your delivery. Here’s where the Loxone video intercom solution comes in handy. It enables you to see visitors standing in front of the door and speak to them from your smartphone or tablet anywhere in the world.

Here’s a video of how it works and how we integrated it in our Loxone Home in Pennsylvania:


Technical details on the Loxone Video Intercom solution

Loxone Intercom - Video Intercom

The Loxone Intercom connects to your Smartphone through the Loxone Miniserver. When someone pushes the call button, the Loxone Miniserver sends a Push Notification to your smartphone instantly. You can fire up the Loxone App on your iPhone or Android device to see and talk to anyone standing in front of your door.

The Intercom comes in two editions. The ‘Loxone Intercom’ is the perfect solution for single family homes with one doorbell. The ‘Loxone Intercom XL’ is designed for multi family homes and allows you to store up to 100 names / function on it’s display.


The Loxone App automatically detects if you’re in your home network or a mobile network and will handle the connection accordingly. Loxone works with IP cameras that provide a mjpeg stream for video and a SIP connection for audio. The Loxone Intercom works out of the box with seamless integration into the home. Other IP video Intercoms require additional time for setup and configuration. The configuration is done in Loxone Config, an extensive software for windows that allows you to configure a variety of Smart Home functionality.


Additional Door Controls
Besides the possibility to talk to visitors in front of your home, you can also use Loxone to integrate your doorbell, patio lights, doorlocks and other things with the inputs and outputs provided by the Miniserver.


Today it is increasingly common that critical security devices like Intercoms, cameras or doorlocks are connected to the cloud. We decided to do things differently to keep your data private and secure within your home. The Loxone Miniserver comes with a built in Micro SD-Card. All the data is stored on that card, including pictures of recent visitors, door access statistics and your Intercoms credentials.


Overview of the Loxone Intercom products

Loxone offers a whole range of Smart Home products to intelligently control all areas in your home such as spots, dimmers, a music server, motion sensors, pushbuttons and many more. Here’s a list of Loxone products used for video Intercom applications:

Loxone Miniserver Go

Loxone Miniserver / Miniserver Go
The Loxone Miniserver or Loxone Miniserver Go connects your Smartphone with the Loxone Intercom, sends push notifications, stores pictures of recent visitors, handles access control and rings the doorbell.
It is the centerpiece of the Loxone Smart Home solution and it is able to control and automate all areas of your home – from lights to blinds to access control.

Loxone Intercom

Loxone Intercom
Perfect for single family homes: Robust weather resistant IP Intercom made of thick aluminum and glass for mobile face to face communication. High quality image & crisp sound. Made in Germany.

Loxone Intercom XL

Loxone Intercom XL
Perfect for multi family homes and apartment buildings: IP Intercom with integrated display to show and select up to 100 names or functions. Integrated iButton reader to allow access using an electronic key fob. High quality, weather resistant housing made of aluminum and glass made in Germany.

Loxone Smart Home App

Loxone App
The free App enables you to control your home and talk to guests at your door, no matter where you are. Available in the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store.

Immerse Yourself: Free Online Live Tour

Even the best of explanation can’t do justice to what it is like living in a smart home. Book your free Live Demo and we will give you a personal tour through our Loxone Showhome via Skype, Facetime or WhatsApp.