Now Available: Loxone OS, Config & App Version 9

Tyron Cosway
26th September 2017 in For Partners

A new era of the Loxone Smart Homes has begun. With version 9, you can create even better Loxone Smart Homes for your customers to enjoy. This new version will enable faster, simpler configuration, and, of course, it’s packed with new features and improvements.

Today, we’re proud to present the most powerful software for the configuration of a smart home: this is version 9.

Welcome to Version 9 –
Here’s what you can look forward to…

The Loxone Smart Home App
Brand New Design

The new Loxone Smart Home App has been completely redesigned. Your customers will be able to control their home from an app that is more intuitive, sleeker and clearer to use – while at the same time offering greater functionality.

My App, Just As I Like It

Version 9 includes the possibility to customise the user interface directly from the app. Previously, this was only possible for customers via the ‘Expert Mode’ and access to safety-related settings was not required in most cases. The Expert Mode will remain as an additional option, however, customers will now be able to adjust their favourites and make changes to names and icons within the app itself. For you as a Partner, this means less time spent making little changes and more time installing smart homes!
Lichtsteuerung V2
Lichtsteuerung V2

Lighting Controller V2
One Click – More Possibilities

The new Lighting Controller V2 takes smart lighting to the next level with a host of new, exciting features.

Lighting ‘scenes’ will now be called ‘moods’, to accommodate some cool new features like mixing different moods. For example, you’ll be able to mix in task lighting without changing the whole look and feel of a room simply by long-pressing a Loxone Touch switch.

With the new app, your customer can simply select the lighting moods they want to have on together and the new Lighting Controller Function Block will do the hard work in the background to take care of it.
Do you already have existing customer projects and would now like to benefit from the new Lighting Controller V2? No problem! Version 9 has the possibility to automatically convert your existing lighting controller to the new Lighting Controller V2.

New standards in the installation process
Identifying individual lights

Identifying the individual lighting circuit can be complex and time-consuming when installing a smart home. However, there’s no need to worry with Loxone, since all Loxone lighting products can individually identify themselves through Loxone Config. When selecting a Tree or Air lighting product in Config, the light will pulse to identify itself.

Learning in all your devices during installation is now child’s play. Say hello to a more helpful smart home configuration process.

Everything At A Glance
New Overview Blocks

Thanks to new category-related Overview Blocks, your customers will have a new way of interacting with their smart home – giving them total control in a new easy to use view. Information about lighting, blinds, music, alarms and more can now be viewed at a glance and can be controlled for the whole home in one click.

As a Partner, the new Overview Blocks will help you organise your configuration and well as giving you an easier way to control functions globally.

Combined with our improved Auto Configure feature, you can look forward to saving time and effort when configuring since there’s no need for intensive manual configuration.

And the best part? With the update to version 9, these new blocks are created automatically and displayed in the user interface.

1001 Possibilities
Operating Modes

It is now possible to to have modes directly integrated into the lighting controller in order to decide which moods come on when the motion sensors are triggered. Fox example when night mode is active a simple low level lighting mood is used throughout the house – no need for extra logic or Function Blocks around your Lighting Controller.

No Gimmicks. Real Smart Homes
Save 50,000 tasks.
Enjoy more time for life.

Auto Configuration

Thanks to the improved Auto Configure feature in Version 9, arduous manual configuration is a thing of the past.

Our advanced Auto Configure feature allows you to create a comprehensive and reliable configuration in mere minutes; simply learn in and name your devices, hit the Auto Configure button, and you’re done!

Auto Config can take care of the configuration of different rooms in the house, like bedrooms, living rooms and hallways, and can be used to configure the lighting, heating, blinds and multiroom audio in one fell swoop. Auto Config also takes care of setting up the alarm clock and ‘Goodbye’ functions.

Unlock the power of Auto Configuration in Version 9!

Project Analysis

Configure with confidence thanks to
Project Validation

The new project validation tool in V9 gives you peace of mind that everything’s in order when you come to the end of configuring your customers’ projects. It carries out the following checks:

  • Identifies unused Rooms & Categories
  • Password security
  • Objects that need converting
  • Unused configuration items
  • Volume of statistics being recorded by the Miniserver
  • Whether a mailer service is configured for service errors

Other exciting new features of Version 9
Security, Stability and Usability

V9 has also been improved behind the scenes – security, stability and usability were key areas that we wanted to focus on:

  • Improved remote connection to Config
  • More stable project management
  • More secure connection between the App and Miniserver
  • Increased performance
  • And much more!