The Inglewood

20th April 2017 in Case Studies

Nestled on a quiet street near downtown Edmonton in Canada, this Loxone Smart Home combines stylish design and high-end technology with innovative features. Despite its compact footprint, it’s packed with stunning smart home features throughout.

The newly built house with traditional features is the home of Loxone Silver Partner, Jeremiah Burak, and his wife Shillon. As a Loxone Partner, Jeremiah already had experience installing Loxone Smart Homes and was excited by the opportunity to create a unique smart home of his own for his family.

I wouldn’t be without it now…

“Each time I’m staying at a friend’s place or a hotel, I have to get used to doing everything manually again. Switching lights, adjusting temperatures and ventilation, turning on music and so on. I’m not that good with technology, but I really love how our new home takes care of so many things. You don’t want to miss that level of comfort again.”

Shillon Burak

A smart home for living more comfortably…

When Jeremiah and his wife planned their new home, they wanted their space to be as comfortable as possible, to allow them to relax after a hard day’s work. Edmonton is a beautiful city with a modern touch but is also known for its cold and dark winter. That’s something Jeremiah and Shillon don’t have to worry about anymore – at least, not when they’re at home. Loxone home automation made it possible to create an intelligent heating control system that keeps them warm all winter long.

The heat boost

Year round, the heating and cooling systems run automatically. Jeremiah simply set the comfort temperature for each room and now lets the intelligent scheduling maintain the perfect environment throughout the home. Their home knows to have warm rooms ready when they are at home. If Shillon needs additional warmth on cold days, she can activate the heat boost via the Loxone App. This means the temperature in the room will be increased for 10 minutes for more of a cosy feel. Afterwards, the heating returns to the defined temperature and the home resumes its schedule. This has put an end to constant battles over the thermostat and increases efficiency, which is a great bonus.

Loxone Smart Home - Case Study

A good morning made great

In Edmonton, it will often stay dark until 9 am in the winter, therefore, to ease the hardship of those long, dark mornings, Jeremiah has created his own smart alarm clock which wakes him and his wife up gently. Jeremiah sets his usual weekday alarm in the Loxone app. The next morning, as soon as it’s time, music starts playing quietly. In addition, the LED Spots turn on – dimmed. Every 5 minutes, the music volume increases and the light gets brighter to mimic the sunrise, until it reaches a comfortable volume and brightness. No more tedious alarm ringtones, just a calm and gentle wake-up that sets them up for a great morning.

Prepare for bedtime

For Jeremiah, it’s important that his home not only helps him wake up but also helps him to wind down at the end of the day. If lights are on in the kitchen, dining room, or living room, they will be dimmed to 50% after sunset.

Another great lighting feature he has put into action with his Loxone Smart Home is Night Lighting. Should he or his wife have to get up during the night, the lights in the bedroom, bathrooms and hall only go on to 15%. This way there is no shock to the senses when tending to the kids or using the bathroom.

Loxone Smart Home - Case Study

And More Features

Loxone Intercom
Using the Loxone Intercom and Loxone App Jeremiah can always see who’s standing at the front door. As soon as somebody presses the intercom, a chime is played via the Loxone Music Server and the Loxone Speakers through the house and also alerting them via the App. From there they can communicate with two-way audio if needed. If Jeremiah misses a guest, he can check who was there anyway since the Loxone Intercom hold a picture with time stamp of all visitors.

Two of Jeremiah’s favourite features are the ‘Welcome Home‘ & ‘Go To Sleep‘ features. When leaving or going to bed, a simple ‘double tap’ at the front door switch or master bedroom lowers the temperature and turns off all lights.

As soon as they come back from work, shopping, or the cinema, the house welcomes them back. The lights go on automatically once they walk in, the room is set to comfort temperature and the music starts playing in the kitchen and living room.

Loxone - Welcome Scene
Loxone Smart Home - Case Study

Peace of mind

When Jeremiah and Shillon aren’t around, the Loxone Smart Home will keep watch. If anybody tried to break in, Jeremiah would be informed immediately via his smartphone, whilst the lights throughout the house would begin to flash and an alarm with loud music would sound throughout the whole house.

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