It’s Doomsday for Dumb Devices & Dodgy Electrics!

Lucinda Wood
5th August 2014 in Know How

We’re Banishing Bad Electrical Installs!

Loxone Stickers - Cutting Down on Bad InstallsWe’ve all seen it: switches hanging off walls, tangled wires, makeshift arrangements involving duct tape (shudder). It’s a common sight, and one that really concerns us…smart homes need smart wiring!

Not only that, but we’re continually hearing stories of set ups that are overcomplicated, overloaded and just plain impractical.

Let’s take this charming image on the left…can you spot the sticky tape holding everything together? It doesn’t really work as the whole box is actually hanging off the wall…not too good. I’m all for being crafty and making ‘do’, but this really isn’t the time or the place!

Time to get stuck in!

SHUL-angleWe’re on a crusade to draw attention to dumb homes and dodgy electrics in the UK. Not only are improper installations dangerous, they’re also a real headache to correct, not to mention the havoc they can wreak on those electricity bills.

This is where we need your help! We want to expose cases of careless workmanship, and ‘dumb’ set ups in the hope that we can get people thinking about the way in which they go about installing home automation- right down to the last switch.

We believe strongly that a smart home should be an affordable reality for anyone who wants it in their home. What we don’t believe in is cutting corners. This is why we created the Loxone Standard – a simple guide to the what’s, where’s and why’s of smart home switches and sensors. The Loxone Standard is all about cost effective planning: in short, getting the most smart home functionality for your money.

The Loxone MiniserverThe everyday management of a smart home relies on properly wired cable. If you’re considering expanding your smart home system in the future, why not take a look at our smart wiring page, which contains lots of tips for successful wiring?

We now stock CAT 7 cable in our webshop too, which is an excellent choice for cabling. More on that subject here.


How do I get involved?

Loxone Stickers Will Be Arriving in Order ParcelsOur cheeky little stickers are waiting to be packed into boxes of all shapes and sizes bound for the UK. If you place an order in our webshop over the next few weeks, you may well find that a couple have snuck into your parcel.

We’ll also be handing them out at training…a bit like when you go to the dentist, only better. So if you’re booked onto one of our upcoming training courses, be sure to ask the team for a few.

You can also pick some up if you’re coming in to see us for a free project consultation.


Once you’ve got your hands on a sticker, it’s time to go hunting! Whenever you see an example of bad wiring, dodgy electrics, dumb devices or something you feel could be controlled better with Loxone, here’s what you do:

  • Place your sticker on the offending object(s)
  • Snap a quick photo
  • Upload it to Twitter with the hashtag #DumbHome

We’ll be featuring the best photos in an upcoming blog, so if you can beat the masking tape masterpiece…time to get sticking!