New: Power Supply & Backup

Jacob Sugden
27th October 2022 in Technology

The new Power Supply & Backup (Art. 100401) comes in the form of a DIN rail power supply that works in combination with an external battery. This new addition to the Loxone product line up protects against power cuts by taking over from mains power, when needed, to provide power supply to all of your Loxone products. The seven 24V outputs provide a total of up to 40A, are able to measue power and are equipped with replaceable fuses.

Provide power for the entire building

The seven outputs can provide enough power to reliably supply all components in the cabinet and peripheral devices in your Loxone instillation with the required voltage. This, of course, includes all lighting and audio as part of the Loxone installation! But, this is not just a Power Supply! The Backup feature of this new product means you can connect an external battery so that, in the event of a power cut, the essential features in the building continue to work.


  • Power measurement of all seven channels
  • 7 x 24V DC outputs at 10A each
  • Total 40A – short term (10s) 60A
  • Optional Backup function when connecting an external 36V battery
  • Status monitoring including app visualisation

Power cut? Let there be light.

A power cut is an often overlooked threat, that will have an increasing effect on your home and business in the coming months and years. In modern society it takes out a multitude of essentials that we have come to rely on: WIFI – down, lighting – off and temperature – changing.

Unfortunately, we cannot prevent the power cut nor maintain all of the regions electricity supply but the Power Supply & Backup can ensure that your 24V Loxone installation will maintain functionality during the power cut (for approx. 8h in combination with a 20Ah battery).

Top Tip:

Plus, because this product has been specifically developed as part of the holistic smart home and building automation solution from Loxone, you can enhance the functionality with your own custom logic. This could include triggering a notification to your customers when the power supply switches over to the backup, and have the lights dim down to 20% for optimal backup battery usage.

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