New: Touch Pure with CO2 sensor

Jacob Sugden
3rd November 2022 in Technology

Loxone develops hardware and software but with a fundamental holistic principle and approach in mind, that it must be possible to control all the important functions of the system in a room via a single device. This is the foundations of Loxone’s beginning more than 10 years ago as an all-in-one operating concept for home and building automation. Which is done through the Loxone switch standard, allowing for all important functions of a room to be operated by 5 touch points on the Loxone Touch range.

The new addition of the Loxone Touch Pure with a CO2 sensor further expands the Touch product family. As well as the previously included temperature and humidity sensor, the new version of the Touch Pure comes with a Carbon Dioxide sensor. Providing a sleek way to monitor the air quality in a room, allowing for the room’s ventilation to react accordingly to readings or set an announcement of a specific voice message eg “Warning: bad air quality. Please ventilate the room.”

Any ventilation system can be easily integrated into your Loxone home or building automation system via the use of Loxone interfaces. If the Touch Pure with a CO2 sensor detects poor air quality in the room, the Loxone system can take care of it by controlling and regulating the ventilation system accordingly. This is particularly energy-efficient in winter, since ventilation only takes place when it is needed, meaning that constant exchanging of warm inside air and cold outside air – which would ultimately cool down the room – does not occur.

No matter whether you’re planning a project for your home or for commercial buildings – such as offices, hotels, restaurants, or even medical practices – the Touch Pure with a CO2 sensor, in conjunction with an integrated ventilation system, always ensures good air quality.

Why is measuring CO2 levels so important?

A healthy room climate, ie pleasant temperatures and ideal air quality, is an important factor for the occupants’ well-being. With air quality being significantly influenced by CO2 concentration and air humidity it is important that both these factors in a room are measured. Especially as carbon dioxide is a colourless and odourless gas, making it undetectable to humans. CO2 is however natural, and an important part of the air around us but in the right quantities.

Perfect room climate for offices & more.

In higher concentrations, however, CO2 has negative effects on our health and can lead to discomforts such as headaches and a lack of ability to concentrate. High CO2 recordings can particularly occur in closed-of rooms that people spend significant amounts of time in – for example, an office. Therefore it is key for concentration levels and well-being that regular, intelligently controlled air exchange takes place. This is made possible – among other things – by the new Touch Pure with CO2 sensor.

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