New Loxone Wall Speaker: sounds as good as it looks!

12th February 2015 in Technology

This week, we welcomed a new member of the Loxone Multiroom Audio family: the Loxone Wall Speaker. Solidly constructed, it boasts a stylish, slimline design and top sound quality. Whether you choose to hang it on the wall or simply place it on a shelf, the Wall Speaker is easily installed and perfect for retrofitting.

When combined with the Casatunes Multiroom Music System and CasaTunes CT-AMP, the Loxone Wall Speaker adds a touch of elegance to your multiroom audio solution.

The new Loxone Wall Speaker


The highlights of the wall speaker

Top quality sound

With its two woofers and one tweeter encased in a high-end chassis, the passive loudspeaker is perfectly balanced. So you never have to worry about any annoying noise coming from vibrating plastic housing!

Solid construction

The PVC-coated wooden chassis not only gives the speaker stability when placed on a shelf or table, it also improves the quality of the sound.

Slimline Design

With or without its cover – the Wall Speaker fits in perfectly with its surroundings.

Perfect combination

The Loxone Wall Speaker is a passive speaker, and so requires an amp. As you would expect, it’s fully compatible with the Loxone Multiroom Audio line up, including our 12 Channel Amplifier.

Loxone Multiroom Audio Solutions

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Music to your ears

Designed for simple wall mounting, this speaker can also be free-standing, to fit in with your home.

Easy to mount

The Wall Speaker comes with a template making it very easy to mark exactly where on the wall the holes need to be drilled.

Perfect stereo sound

Combine two Wall Speakers for perfect stereo sound in your home.


Like what you’re hearing? You can pick up our Loxone Wall Speaker now in our webshop!

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