Loxone Training: Project Days

25th October 2013 in Backstage

It’s been all go round these parts recently, what with our new website, new Webshop, new HQ and of course all of the new products we’ve been releasing… It’s been pretty exhausting. But we’re not resting on our laurels – we’re continuing to mix things up, this time with a new idea for our Loxone Training. A new idea that’ll take trainee partners from Smart Home savvy to Miniserver experts in just two days!


Well, we’re calling our training idea ‘new’… It’s new here in the UK, but this training add-on has been available to those people on training in Austria for a little while now. And we’re happy to say that it’s going down a treat! It’s basically an extra one and a half days that you can tag onto the end of the regular two and a half day training programme. The purpose of it? Learning how to put the theory you’ve already learned into practice!

Here’s what to expect from the 5 days:

  • The basics of the Loxone system and how it works
  • The practical functions of the Miniserver
  • How the Loxone Config works
  • How to set up a customer’s configuration 
  • How Loxone Extensions fit into the things and the configuration of sensors and actuators
  • How a project happens from planning to implementation to the final configuration in the Loxone Config


How a typical training room looks when you walk into it:

704077_558736407523312_946831126_o (1)

Training in action…

Loxone Training

And look – you even get your own Loxone polo shirt (gratis, of course…)!



We’ve not only added to training, we’ve also re-jigged it somewhat.

  • Part 1 – The first day…
    The first afternoon (4 hours), you learn the basics of the Loxone Home Automation system. Nice and simple, a gentle easing into the world of the Miniserver

  • Part 2 – Days 2 & 3…
    The second part lasts for two days.  Days 2 & 3 are a little more intensive and go into a fair amount of detail. You can immerse yourself in our configuration software and start working on your knowledge of it. Don’t worry, though – you needn’t be a computer programmer, we’ve made it pretty straightforward for you.

  • The 4th & 5th ‘Project Days’…
    The final two days are all about practical applications, using some real-life examples and getting you to the point where you can start your first projects unassisted (our technical staff are always on hand to help and answer questions, though).

All three sections of the Loxone expert training can be booked separately too if the idea of a full week doesn’t appeal. Obviously this’ll slow down your Silver partner status, but it’s a optio. If you are happy to book Part 1 & 2 and the Project Days at the same time though, we can offer you a ‘The Package Deal’ – saving you £70!

We’ve plenty more information about our training courses available here online, so if you like the sound of it – find out more and become a Loxone expert!