Light scenes programmed in 5 minutes

7th February 2011 in Technology

Have it any way you like!

When talking about light control we very much talk about personal preferences. Some rooms have a lamp, others have indirect lighting with or without RGB.

For Loxone, it doesn’t make a difference.

Release 8.2.2011


The current firmware will be available to our customers from tomorrow. Its focus lies on lighting, beside other important topics. For this reason we included a “lighting control” in Loxone Config (formerly LoxPLAN). That’s it for now concerning lighting.

Twelve channels with eight scenes


The result of our research and development is a twelve channel light control, which supports, freely definable, following lights on each channel:

  • switchable light
  • dimmable light 0-100% (the future with the Loxone dimmer)
  • dimmable light 0-10V
  • dimmable light 1-10V
  • GB dimmer

Each of the twelve lighting circuits can be defined completely unrestricted. And each of the 12 lighting circuits can be controled with any number of individual buttons.

And there are eight light scenes available which can be freely defined. They can also be controled using a button.

Motion sensor support


Loxone clearly recommends installing motion or presence sensors in each room, preferably onto the ceiling.

Doesn’t everyone want automatic light when walking from the living room to the kitchen when no lights are on? Simply connect your motion sensor, which can work as an alarm system at the same time, to your light control. That’s all you have to do, your light control will take care of the rest.

Central off function standard


Where in your house might be the perfect place to a central light off function? Near the entrance? In your living room? Or maybe in your bed room?

This common question when you’ve got one of these old-fashioned bus systems has now come to an end.

Double-click on any light-influencing button to turn off all the lights in a room, triple-click to turn off all lights in the house. This is standard on every button in the house, you’ll never have to worry or even label your switches. Buttons, even when they are bedded in lovely glass frames, are never considered to be architectural gemstones. This central function will help you save buttons.

Activate scenes using buttons or apps


Last Friday we submitted our new app to Apple. According to our experience, it usually takes about 5 to 10 days for approval. In this app you can configure light scenes.

IMG_0194 IMG_0193

Scenes dinner, party, … simply choose, pick lighting circuit as you wish.

In order to see the light control’s configuration in the app, match room and category and activate “use” button, the rest will happen automatically.


Simplest programming


This example shows a room with two buttons for scene selection. Controling individual lamps and scene “party” are selected via app. Motion sensor only activates light when it starts to get dark. If you would like to control your lamp “dinner table”, simply connect it to input I1.


For configuring scenes double-click light control module to open dialogue:



Save new light values




In practice you might notice that light configuration does not exactly work out the way you’ve planned it. You have three options to re-save light scenes.

  • re-configure in Loxone config
  • adjust light to your needs and then press wall button for more than 5 seconds (time adjustable). Lights go off to confirm.
  • use app to adjust light and press save in the scene. Lights go off to confirm.

Please load the programming before your next change from the Miniserver, so that the saved light scenes can be taken over into Loxone config.