New: Config 14 – impressive performance & stability

Jacob Sugden
28th March 2023 in Technology

The brand new Loxone Config 14 contains more performance and stability updates than any Config ever released before! Thanks to a new elite team called the Loxone SEALs, who focus on identifying bugs and resolving them. Check out the video below to see what you can expect from the new Config version 14.

This Config update brings with it more than 650 bug fixes, up to 80% improved performance and helpful new features like the DALI Monitor – the new version of our Loxone Config shines not only with exceptional performance and stability but also with practical features:

Bug fixes: In the current version, more than 650 bugs have been permanently fixed.

Better performance: The Config software starts up in half the time it used to, a document opens up to 60% faster and modules and devices can now be placed up to 80% faster.

Update Dialog: The update dialogue can now be minimised. This allows you to continue working on the configuration during an update.

Improved commissioning: Whether Tree, Belimo or DALI – we have simplified the commissioning process in many places. For example, with the Tree LED spots you can now see immediately if there is a wiring error, without any configuration of the Miniserver.

Release of the Spot Price Optimiser: This function can save money through reducing energy usage. Since version 14, the module no longer has a beta status, but is an official part of the release.

Find out more exciting information about Config 14 in this video:

Available Now – Download Loxone Config 14 to benefit from the numerous improvements.

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