Geoline Smart Office in Poland

Zsanett Koves
8th September 2023 in Case Studies

Geoline – a company located in Poland that sells, rents and services surveying equipment – chose Loxone’s intelligent building automation system to achieve maximum energy efficiency and comfort on their state-of-the-art premises. Installed by Loxone Partner BF Electric, the extensive range of smart solutions provides safety and unprecedented ease of use every day.


Safety was a priority for Geoline, so Loxone integrated a comprehensive solution to provide this on multiple levels.

The first element visitors encounter is a barrier with an LPR camera which reads registration numbers. Those who aren’t registered already are given access to enter the premises following verification by an authorised person. This is completed through a remote opening system by using a mobile app, which means visitors don’t have to wait for long before the barrier is raised: authorisation can be done in seconds from anywhere in the world.

NFC Code Touch i Touch Pure na ścianie w biurze

In addition, within the facility itself, employees have limited access to specific areas. The NFC Code Touch installed in the lift verifies entry rights for each employee, while the owner and manager can enter every room. They are also the only ones authorised to grant employee access rights.

Wnętrze biura

Safety and Security

The entire facility is under the watchful eye of the Loxone alarm system. It’s extremely complex as it combines more than a dozen different components. The burglar alarm sends an immediate notification to the intervention system, which can broadcast a message to the burglars via the audio system right away. Naturally, the facility manager is informed of the threat in real time too.

However, security is not only about protection against burglary. It alerts you to potential hazards in the building. The Water Sensor Air has already proved particularly useful when a notification was sent to the relevant contacts as an escape of water was detected; it saved the facility’s equipment from potential damage caused by a leaking pipe under the kitchen sink. As the leak took place in the evening when the office was already empty, the loss could have been huge. The Water Sensors installed in the kitchen and bathrooms increase the sense of security throughout the building.


The Loxone building automation system autonomically takes care of itself, but users still have the ability to change the settings at any time. Our Touch Pure switches not only provide control over the lighting and temperature in each room, they also elevate the aesthetic experience with their sleek design that suits any modern office interior.

Users appreciate these intuitive controls, and the feature-rich and easy-to-use Loxone App, which gives an overview of all system settings and increases the feeling of security.

Czujnik obecności

We really liked the idea of the Loxone system, mainly the energy efficiency, as well as the fact that you can easily control the system. It turns out to have been a good choice, the whole integrated infrastructure has proven itself. It works great, it’s energy efficient, and in the future we want to buy more subsystems that will allow us to use this energy even better.

Anna Sędzicka


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