5 reasons why you need intelligent heating control

Luke Murphy
6th November 2019 in Know How
The weather in the UK is certainly interesting. Some days it seems as if we get all four seasons at once. Temperatures can vary greatly throughout the day which can make keeping rooms at a comfortable temperature difficult, to say the least. However, with automatic heating control things are much easier – here are five reasons why you should think about installing intelligent heating:

01 – Individual room control

A pleasantly cool 18° in the bedroom, a comfortably warm 23° in the bathroom and a cosy 21.5° in the living room. We understand that different rooms have different purposes and therefore shouldn’t always be the same temperature. With Loxone you can enjoy perfect temperatures around-the-clock thanks to our individual room control. All of this is done automatically so you can relax. 

02 – Remotely control the temperature

Going to be back a little later than planned? No need to waste money heating when you won’t be in. No worries. Simply open the Loxone App (on your phone, tablet or PC) and set the heating to come on slightly later. Problem solved.

03 – Multiple heat sources working together 

An intelligent heating system can control all manner of heat sources seamlessly. Nowadays it’s fairly common to have multiple sources, underfloor heating as well as traditional radiators, for example. If you do have multiple heat sources Loxone can tie them all into the same ecosystem to ensure that they’re always on the same page.

04 – Integrating blind control

Intelligent blind & heating control go hand in hand. This recent study by Graz University shows just how beneficial blind control can be for regulating room temperatures. On warmer days it makes sense to maximise the heat from the sun before turning on the heating – even a degree or two will save you money. Conversely, closed blinds can somewhat mitigate heat creeping out of your rooms – as they’ll add another layer of insulation between you and the cold outdoors.

05 – Reduced Costs

No one likes spending unnecessary money, which is why this point is so great! An intelligent heating system will reduce your heating bill. A combination of reasons we’ve mentioned above means you’ll be spending less on heating your home. As if things couldn’t get any better, the Miniserver is constantly self-learning in an attempt to be as energy-efficient as possible so your savings could even increase.

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Comfortable room temperatures have a big impact on our well-being and our performance. Whether it’s in a smart home, office or commercial property, intelligent automation helps ensure that rooms are always at the right temperature. Thanks to numerous extensions and maximum flexibility, our system is ideally suited for projects of all kinds.