Smart Blind Control

Intelligent Shading

In a Loxone Smart Home your blinds will always know what to do. In the morning you will be woken up natural light and the energy of the sun will be harnessed to assist the heating of your home. Later in the day shade is provided to keep rooms from getting too hot, and at dusk your blinds will close to give you privacy. 


Everything Under Control

Whether you've got blinds, awnings or shutters, your Loxone Smart Home can bring them all together and manage them centrally.


Harness The Sun's Power

Use the energy from the sun to bring your rooms to a comfortable temperature. The blinds are kept open during the day until the room reaches its desired temperature, and then lowered to prevent overheating.

A Range Of Control Options

Whether via switch, remote control or web browser, your blinds are easy to control! You can even adjust them when you're on the go using the free Loxone Smart Home app.

Storm Protection

Your blinds and awnings can be integrated with rain and wind sensors, so that they automatically retract at the first rumble of thunder.

Automatic Privacy

Let your home take care of the chore after a long day - the blinds will close at dusk to ensure you can relax in total privacy.


Easy As Child's Play

Let the house do its own homework.


Child Safe

If your little ones are always getting up to mischief, you can set up a childlock on your switches to prevent them operating the blinds and manually control them (the blinds, not the kids!) directly from your smartphone.

Flexible Groups

Group your blinds to save having to control them individually - first flooor, west side, bedroom... it's up to you! You can have as many groups as you like.


Integrate Your Alarm

Your shading can be integrated with your smart alarm system. If the alarm is triggered, all the blinds can be raised to expose the intruder.

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Presence Simulation

Your Smart Home can replay your activity at home from the past week. If you're away on holiday, the lights switch on and off and the blinds go up and down, so it looks like someone's home.

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Components for Intelligent Shading

Click on the icons below to learn more about the components that can contribute to your intelligent shading.


The Miniserver is the central core of your system and enables all smart home components to communicate to one another.

Sunrise & Sunset

Outdoor lights come on automatically at dusk. The blinds are raised in the morning.


Take control of your home from anywhere, any time, directly from your mobile device.

Smart Heating

Loxone provides comfortable temperatures in every room of your Smart Home. Using advanced smart heating and cooling, Loxone learns the fastest and most efficient method to adjust to your preferred room conditions.

Wind Sensor

Working together with your Miniserver, the wind sensor will detect any incoming storm and communicate with your shutters to automatically close them to protect your home from any damage.


Along with the Loxone App, the switch is the most useful tool to manually control features and scenes in your Smart Home.

Window & Door Contact

We recommend adding door & window contacts to all windows, patio doors, garage doors and other accessible entrances to your home.

Sun Intensity

Your Miniserver responds to the intensity of the sun and keeps rooms cool in the summer and heats them in winter using thermal solar energy.


Loxone offers intelligent blind control for cool conditions in the summer and efficient energy saving in the winter.


To prevent damage from incoming storms or windy conditions, Loxone will lower any motorised awnings in the event of inclement weather.

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