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Want to control your home remotely? With Loxone you can control your entire home (heating, lighting, alarm systm, multi room audio and so much more) from a web browser or mobile device.

Control your entire home with Loxone

Connect to the Demo Miniserver

Connect using a browser

Try Loxone's web interface for yourself and connect using your browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, Edge).

Access data

URL:  http://demominiserver.loxone.com:7778
User:  web
Password:  web

Control Your Home Using a Browser

The great thing about Loxone home automation is that whether you're at home on the sofa or in the office, you can control your home remotely.

Want to turn up the heating at home as you're on your way home from a holiday? Done! Need to check if the back door is closed whilst you're at the office? Done!

You can control your entire home with a browser, tablet or smartphone- it's home automation, your way.

Other Features of the Web Interface

With the web interface you can control your home anytime and anywhere using a web browser. See for yourself and discover the benefits.

Configure and set up easily

Simply Configured

To set up the web interface, you only need to write a single line of code! No programming skills are needed.

The web interface is configured automatically with our Configuration Software. Customizing the web interface is easy and it can be done in just a few minutes.


Cost efficient

No additional Costs

The Miniserver comes with a web interface and there is no extra cost to connect via browser, tablet or mobile device!

There are no additional costs for the web interface, such as server hardware, licenses, or other materials. The web interface is included free when purchasing a Loxone Miniserver.

More About the Miniserver

Always Available

Weak mobile connections such as Edge represent no problem in terms of accessibility to your home.

When you access the web interface, the connection is detected and you can reliably control your home even with a weak signal.

Easy To Use

Large buttons and fonts make a web interface visually ideal for any tablet. 

So you can use the web interface on a wall-mounted tablet as well as the way you'd normally use it.

Learn More

Interest? Learn more about the Web Interface and the Miniserver and get all the information you need.


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