Smart Lighting, Safer Home: Loxone’s Security Features Explained

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3. June 2024

As many of us know, the right lighting in our daily lives is crucial for our well-being. With intelligent automation control, this lighting can be optimized to ensure you get the most benefit. But the advantages of automated lighting don't stop there. It can also significantly enhance security, playing a vital role in the safety of both people and buildings.

Experience elevated security through intelligent lighting with Loxone

Presence Simulation

If the building is empty, like your home during a family vacation or your office over the weekend, the lighting can simulate presence by turning on and off intelligently, following a normal daily routine. This deters burglars and helps keep your building secure.


In the event of a break-in, the entire building transforms into an alarm system. The lighting plays a crucial role by flashing when triggered, while the shades open to expose the burglar to anyone nearby. Additionally, a traditional audible alarm sounds, and notifications (or phone calls from the caller service) alert those responsible for the building.

Event Response

The lighting can alert building occupants to various events, such as smoke or water leaks, so that the responsible parties can react quickly, reducing risks and minimizing damage.


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