U.S. Smart Home Project: Loxone Solutions in Practice

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29. March 2024

Join us on a tour through this stunning smart home in St. George, Utah, USA. Executed in collaboration with Design Home Entertainment and Rockwell Builders, this project demonstrates the practical applications and benefits of integrating Loxone solutions into residential living spaces.

The Technical Specifics and Advantages:

Loxone Intercom: Security and Convenience

The Intercom keeps your smart home safe.

The project features the Intercom, a standout for secure, convenient homeowner communication. This system enables remote interaction with visitors via the Loxone App, regardless of the homeowner’s location.

Its integration into the home’s overall audio system exemplifies how Loxone enhances not just security but also connectivity within the home environment.

The Intercom keeps your smart home safe.

Automated Lighting: Efficiency and Control

A key feature of this smart home is its automated lighting system, boasting over 350 lighting spots and 150 ft of LED strip lighting. The system’s presence sensors, which include brightness detection, automate lighting based on occupancy and natural light levels, promoting energy efficiency and providing effortless control. This setup illustrates Loxone’s capability to create adaptable and environmentally conscious living spaces.

Smart lighting for efficiency and control in your home

Home Audio System: Entertainment and Alerts

Intelligent audio which integrates seamlessly into the interior of your home

Loxone’s home audio system extends beyond entertainment, serving as a vehicle for important notifications throughout the property. This dual-functionality system ensures that homeowners never miss critical alerts while enjoying a seamless audio experience across different zones of the home.

The design also integrates seamlessly into the interior of any building.

Intelligent audio which integrates seamlessly into the interior of your home

Voice Control and Mobile App Integration

The integration of voice control with Loxone technology offers users the ultimate convenience—managing lighting, audio, and more with simple voice commands.

Coupled with the comprehensive control provided by the Loxone App, this feature represents the forefront of smart home interaction, allowing for a fully customizable living experience.

Full control over your whole house with the Loxone smart home app


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