Dream smart home in America’s Sunshine State

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24. April 2023

What does the most stunning smart home in the world look like? Loxone Partner Freedom Technologies Inc accepted this challenge! See how this home in America’s Sunshine state was turned into a dream smart home.

Endless opportunities to combine sustainability & comfort

Loxone offers an all-in-one home automation solution that makes it easy to create a truly intelligent home. Since our system integrates everything from lighting and heating to security and entertainment, it allows home and business owners alike  complete control and automation.

The home owners greatly benefitted from Loxone’s solution, as it is highly customizable, enabling homeowners to create unique, tailored experiences that match their individual lifestyles and preferences. What sets Loxone apart from other systems on the market is its seamless integration and intuitive interface, making it a top choice for those seeking the smartest home possible. Some of the features that are included in this home are:

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Country: United States

Location: Naples, Florida

Area Size: 6,000 sq ft

Construction year: 2023

Loxone Partner: Freedom Technologies LLC


You can adjust the lighting based on time of day or season, and even special occasions. The lighting turns on automatically when you enter a room thanks to integrated presence detection to run the building as energy-efficiently as possible. At night, it will not turn on while you are sleeping. However, if you want to get a glass of water or go to the bathroom during the night, the system will automatically turn on a nice dim light for you.


In Florida, water is crucial. This is why the Loxone system helps to control the irrigation system outside based on moisture levels in the soil. Inside the house, water sensors help to protect your rooms and floors, since appliances such as the washing machine tend to be a cause for accidents. In case of a water break, you automatically get a notification on your phone.


Each Touch Pure has a temperature sensor or even a humidity sensor. This means that you can control various aspects in a house just with one switch – no more walls full of switches and controls. If needed, you can control everythings remotely via the Loxone App.

However, building automation will take over this task for you on a daily basis and keep temperatures at your preset comfort levels. Again, intelligent heating & cooling will help the home owners save tons of energy, as the system runs based on presence and needs.

Access & Safety

With Loxone, you can keep your building as well as your loved ones safe with automated access control. This means you can see who is outside your front door, via the App, and manage access to your building remotely at all times.

I chose Loxone for this project because it offers a comprehensive and customizable home automation solution that easily integrates with a wide range of devices and systems. Its efficient and reliable control over lighting, heating, security, entertainment, and more, makes it an ideal choice for a high-end residential project. Additionally, Loxone offers excellent customer support and training, which is crucial when working with complex systems.

Frank Potoczak

President Freedom Technologies Inc

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