NEW: Loxone Config & App 14.5

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12. December 2023

85% of our development effort goes into our software tools. They set us apart from all other building automation systems on the market. The Loxone Config & App 14.5 impresses with numerous improvements and new features such as the Wallbox Manager and much more.

Find out all about the highlights of the new Config & App 14.5 in the video below

01 New: Wallbox Manager

More and more companies offer their employees, guests and customers charging points for their electric cars. This makes intelligent control of the loads for the individual wallboxes necessary. The billing of the energy consumed is also a major challenge. Loxone Config 14.5 now includes a new Function Block created precisely for this purpose: the Wallbox Manager.

02 Extended Health Check

The Health Check previously included Tree, Air and Link diagnostics. Now it has been extended to include numerous aspects of the Miniserver to help you quickly and easily recognise if all components are working and configured correctly. This means you can hand over your project with peace of mind, knowing that everything is running like clockwork.

03 New: Managed Tablets

In many Loxone projects, a tablet is used as the central control element. With Config & App 14.5, it is now possible to integrate a tablet into Config like a Loxone device, link it to the Miniserver and manage various settings.

04 Improved push notifications

The notifications from the Loxone App were mostly the same in terms of sounds. This changes with the new Config & App 14.5. A distinction is now made between different types of notifications.

05 Integration of new products

With the latest update, recently released products such as the Dali Air have also found their way into the Loxone Config & App 14.5, which were previously only available in the beta version.

06 Numerous bug fixes and improvements

More than 5.5 million lines of code are generated for Config & App – a small error can creep in here and there. The new 14.5 version contains numerous bug fixes and further improvements.


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