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13. May 2024

The new Loxone Config & App 15 further improves the most powerful software for home and building automation. Find out everything about the new features in the areas of energy, audio, lighting, access and more in this blog.

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Wallbox Config

01 Improved Wallbox Funcion Block

Using the surplus of a photovoltaic system intelligently, implementing individual charging modes, avoiding load peaks and much more is made possible by the Wallbox Function Block – which has now been given new price inputs.

Up to 5 different charging modes can be created with different prices per kW, as well as a separate kilowatt price for a manual charging mode with individual charging power, which can be set via the Loxone App.

Wallbox Manager Config

02 Improved Wallbox Manager

If several wallboxes are used in a network, buildings and cables require special protection against overloading. The Wallbox Manager Function Block was developed for this purpose, which limits the loads, intelligently distributes the energy and surplus to several wallboxes and can be used to implement different charging modes.

With Config 15, the Wallbox Manager Function Block has been further improved by distributing the energy from wallboxes that are connected but not actively charging to other wallboxes.

Wallbox Manager Config
Energy Flow Monitor Loxone App

03 Improved Energy Flow Monitor

The Energy Flow Monitor clearly combines consumers, generators, storage and the grid, making energy flows visible. With the new update, the Energy Flow Monitor also becomes part of the Automatic Designer in the app. Conditions for grid electricity, self-generated electricity and a few more are supported. This means that you can program your own logic via the app and the Automatic Designer using the Energy Flow Monitor.

In addition, the Energy Flow Monitor has become part of Auto Config and is therefore even easier to use in home and building automation with Loxone. An Energy Flow Monitor is now created via Auto Config, Meters and Power Supply & Backup are added to it and set accordingly.

Audio History Loxone App

04 Audio

The history in the Loxone App is an important tool for understanding processes in the building even better. For example, why is the shade moving or is the light on? Were the processes triggered by logic or manually by a user?

With Config & App 15, this history is now also available for the Audio Player.

Audio History Loxone App

05 New: Soundsuit Integration

With Config & App 15, the Soundsuit streaming service was implemented, which enables music to be streamed legally in commercial areas such as cafés, restaurants, hotels, stores and much more. Soundsuit also offers the great advantage that the music can be tailored precisely to the target group. Soundsuit can also be used to easily manage several locations or branches from a single point.

06 New: Exosphere

Exosphere is an innovative cloud application specifically designed for Loxone Partners with multiple installations and facility management of large and distributed building installations. It is the central point for visualizing and controlling all your miniservers, enabling unprecedented efficiency in terms of management, monitoring and maintenance. All information about Exosphere can be found here.

Loxone DALI Extension

07 New: DALI2 for DALI Extension

Our DALI extensions are now also certified for DALI 2, which has been implemented on the software side with Config 15. This means that DALI2 sensors such as presence detectors or similar can now also be integrated. Delivery of the DALI2-certified DALI Extensions will start shortly.

08 New: Deaktivation of the Passwort Reset

The deactivation of the password reset, which prevents the admin password from being reset, ensures even more security in your projects. The password can then no longer be reset if the SD card of the Miniserver is removed, connected to the PC and reset via the Loxone Config.

NFC Block Config

09 New: Autorization Parameters for NFC

With Loxone, you can realize secure and uncomplicated access to your building – and even more flexibly with Config 15. With the NFC Code Touch, access can be granted either via NFC or a code – or both via two-factor authentication. In future, you will also be able to activate this as a parameter via a separate input on the NFC Function Block, for example for different operating times.

Practical example: In an office, simple authentication is sufficient during operating hours; outside these hours, two-factor authentication is required. This can be easily implemented by combining the NFC Fucntion Block with the Time Switch Fucntion Block.

As always, you can find an overview of all changes in the Changelog.


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