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Loxone Support CommunityCategory: Loxone ConfigVirtual Http Output not working
2 years ago
Virtual Http Output not working

Hi there, I’m trying to POST a message to an external server with values regarding realtime PV production. I have setup a Virtual Http Output to do this as follows:

Virtual Http Output:

Address: https://api.solcast.com.au/rooftop_sites/{redacted}

Virtual Output Command:

Command for ON: /measurements?api_key={redacted}

HTTP Extensions for ON: Content-Type: application/json

HTTP POST Command for ON: <v>

HTTP Method for ON: POST

Save HTTP reply: /user/common/SolCast.xml

I am triggering the Virtual Output Command from a Status block which composes the json message to be posted and should be being picked up by the ‘<v>’ in ‘HTTP POST Command for ON’, if I understand correctly. I’ve also understood from other questionss here that ‘HTTP Extensions for ON’ is where I should place HTTP headers that I want the POST to use, hence the ‘Content-Type: application/json’ value used there.

I also have the Virtual Output Command hooked up to a syslog-ng server, and I can see that the Virtual Output Command is being triggered, and that the value of is the json message body that I want it to be.

The problem is, the post is not working, and there is no file /user/common/SolCast.xml on the miniserver, in fact the /user/common folder is empty.

I have replicated the above parameters using the Postman software, ie full address https://api.solcast.com.au/rooftop_sites/{redacted}/measurements?api_key={redacted}, with a Content-Type Header of application/json, and with a message body of the same message which is being used by the miniserver (picked up from the syslog-ng log), and the POST works perfectly.

I’m currently away from home for Christmas and the Loxone Monitor doesn’t work, neither when using Remote Connection, nor when using a VPN in my home network, so I can’t see what’s going on there.

Does anybody have any suggestions for taking this forward without Loxone Monitor, or for making Loxone Monitor work when connecting remotely or via VPN?

Thanks is advance for any help!