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Loxone Support CommunityCategory: InstallationTouch Sensor – Problem with the temperature sensor
4 years ago
Touch Sensor – Problem with the temperature sensor


I have a Loxone Touch sensor (Item No.: 100221) used with Loxone Miniserver (version:

The touch inputs are work one the good way.

Also the temperature and the humidity sensor works.

But when I try to use the followings:

Settings –> Display error input [yes]

Receive –> Validation timeout: 180

Validation –> Default value: -127 (or 0)

After a while there is an error. That Temperature or Humidity "block" of that touch sensor will be red and the output say this: 26,5°>-127° for example at the temperture. The 26,5 is the previous value and the -127 (or 0) is that I already set previously for the "Default" value at the Validation section.

And when I blew to the sensor and the temperature and the humidity are changing, the error is disappearing for a while.

Meanwhile the touch inputs are work if I try it them.

I would like to know if there is a problem with a sensor.

With the same setting the 1-wire sensors 8DS18B20) are work properly.

What will be the problem?

1 Answers
4 years ago

Hi Karoly

There is nothing wrong with your sensor. As both the temperature and humidity are analogue they will resend values either within a specific time frame or on a rapid change, hence why when you blow on it, it then works. Quite simply 180 seconds is too short for the validation timeout, in this space of time the temperature and humidity of the space won’t have changed and therefore a new value won’t have been sent.

For validation timeouts I would recommend a much longer period of time, such as 3600 seconds (1 hour). Also I would recommend your default value to be a high number not a low one as this will make your heating come on and stay on permanently. For example I use 33.33 as my validation timeouts, this then prevents any unnecessary triggering of the heating and within the app is still obvious that the default value has occurred.