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Loxone Support CommunityCategory: Loxone ConfigRS485 extension sensor command
3 years ago
RS485 extension sensor command


I`m having problems to define commands on my RS485 extension sensor input.

We are using RS485 extension and OR-WE 514 electricity counter.

I Gave the addres through pc software.

I took the command from PC software and put it in the RS485 extension sensor command, but It does not communicate with the modbus device.

How do I say the sensor input to send this command ?

Not sure I have defined correctly the commands.

Am I allowed to use space of slashes ?

1 Answers
3 years ago


your end device in question is a Modbus device. Modbus is a communication protocol that can sit over the RS485 physical layer.

Therefore to use a Modbus RTU device you will require the Loxone Modbus Extension and will not be able to read data through the RS485 Extensions as you are unable to define Registers for reading data.

FYI if you were reading Hex data from an RS485 device then it would be written as xhex i.e. x74