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2 years ago
RS485 communication commands


In Our project we are using Loxone Miniserver –> RS485 Extension –> OR-WE 514 Electricity counter (third party)

I connected to the counter directly from the computer to give it the address.

The question is how to define the command in Loxone config to get out the information. Like KWh.

And where in the RS485 sensor option do I insert how often it should send the commands.

The command I used is from the manufcturrer I inserted it in loxone config and in RS485 monitor some action accured so I learned in the sesors, but they are not giving me the data. The sensor output is still showing 0.0

Have I correctly inserted the command, am I allowed to use slash and space when typing the commands ?

A lot of questions.. first time doing this.

Thank you!

1 Answers
2 years ago


your end device in question is a Modbus device. Modbus is a communication protocol that can sit over the RS485 physical layer.

Therefore to use a Modbus RTU device you will require the Loxone Modbus Extension and will not be able to read data through the RS485 Extensions as you are unable to define Registers for reading data.

FYI if you were reading Hex data from an RS485 device then it would be written as xhex i.e. x74