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3 years ago
Loxone heating valve

Hi There,

So something wierd happened after I’ve updated to the latest version of Loxone on my PC. The bedroom heating won’t work. Despite the temperature set is 23C and the sensor reads 21.5C or under, the valve won’t activate.

I played around with 5 other valves in my residence by increasing the comfort temperature. Through live view I could see things working.

The only valve that won’t respond to my ‘testing’ is the most important room – it always stays to 0%.

Via diagnostics everything seems to be OK, no problems.

So what’s the issue?

I’ve added here the sensor reading and the temp settings for more details (via link).

Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you very much for your help!



1 Answers
3 years ago


it is unlikely as such that you are doing something wrong, more likely that your testing window is not long enough to see the change as Loxone believes there is nothing to do.

the Intelligent Room Controller uses predictive fuzzy logic to calculate heat up and cool down times of rooms, and as such it can be difficult to see things working in simulation and live view due to the inherent lag of ensuring there is a requirement.

You can see a couple of videos here of configuration of an intelligent room controller.



Otherwise please reach out to your Loxone Partner Coach or Loxone installer to double check everything looks OK.



3 years ago

Hi Hugh,

Thank you for getting back to me.
When I say that I’m testing, I’m not waiting for the heating to kick in. However I’m looking on the ‘live view’ if the valve opens. I see for the other rooms it opens ..7% 20% or 100%.

But for this room, even if I set the room to 28 celcius and the sensor reads a bit over 21 C and it’s during the active schedule (full night ~8h) it still wont open the valve.

Thing is, I can make every valve in the house open except this one by using the same methodology (increase to 28C on either manual or during schedule heating).
The phone app shows that the room is *heating up and ‘in demand’ but the valve ia not open on live view and nor does it get hot overnight.

The installer has no clue on the equipment and I did my own programming by followong your webinars.

P.S. I’ve only had this problem 2 weeks or so before writing this post. Before the floor was nice and warm every evening as per the schedule which I did not change.

What can be done in this case?


3 years ago

Hi Vlad

I’m afraid at this point you likely need some direct assistance either onsite or through Teamviewer to breakdown and diagnose your config, so I would recommend reaching out to a Loxone Partner or Loxone support for assistance.