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Loxone Support CommunityCategory: Loxone ConfigHikvision IP intercom integration
3 years ago
Hikvision IP intercom integration

Hey guys. Is there a way to integrate an IP Hikvision Intercom with Loxone?

3 Answers
3 years ago

Not tried it personally and probably won’t be soon.

Video should be straightforward. Check forums for video stream URL.

Audio is the challenge.

Loxone supports SIP and has done do for a while.

Hikvision has only just started supporting SIP. Their current state of software/firmware for doorbells, intercoms, door stations leaves a lot to be desired. I would probably wait 6-12 months and hopefully it will be useable and stable by then.

3 years ago

The trick is that Loxone is MJPEG standard when talking about Intercom, Hikvision is H.264 or H.265 – i personally use an Loxberry to stream the content from my Intercom into the Loxone App. Audio – Hikvision has SIP also.

If you are looking for an intercom that works with Loxone, look for MJPEG as video enconding in the specs of the intercom. there are severals out there.


3 years ago

Did anyone have any joy with this? I’m considering a HikVision DS-KD8003-IME1 intercom.

As has been mentioned, this intercom only has a H.264 stream so will need to have a separate system to transcode the video stream which is just an annoyance is all.

[Side note to Loxone: as these streams don’t appear to go anywhere near the Miniserver and just the the client/app you really need to update said app to handle more modern encoding!]

Looking at audio, it seems that the DS-KD8003-IME1 can initiate a SIP call to specific number when the ‘call’ button is pressed (or I’m guessing any number can be possible when there is a keypad attached). How is one supposed to handle this in Loxone?

I’m guessing we could install Asterisk SIP PBX software or similar and create a conference between a Loxone client and the HikVision intercom, or any other manner of trickery, but is there a better way?