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Loxone Support CommunityCategory: Loxone ConfigFade light on alarm clock doesn’t work
3 years ago
Fade light on alarm clock doesn’t work

I have an alarm clock of which the QTp is linked to the Bu of our bedroom lightning.

Within the lightning controller I have a mood called ‘Alarm clock’ linked to input Bu which sets the LED strip to 50% intensity. The Tb (fading time) of the lightning controller is set to 5 minutes.

The LED strip itself is marked as a ‘smart actuator’ and is physically linked through a 24V RGBW dimmer extension.

In the live view I can see when the alarm activates, Bu becomes active I can see the correct lightning mood is triggered (‘Alarm clock’). However, in live-view I can see that the value of the smart actuator is immediately set to 50% without respecting the Tb fading time of 5 minutes.

2 Answers
3 years ago


This is normal functionality, both Live View and Simulation will show the value of the fittings going to their end point instantly, however in real life the lights will be slowly fading up.

I have tried this myself and it is working exactly like this.



3 years ago

Hi Hugh, thanks for your answer but this is not what we are experiencing. The led strip is immeadiatly at 50 pct strength and doesnt increase. It’s not nice to wake up 😉

3 years ago

Any thoughts or should I log an official bug report to Loxone?