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Loxone Support CommunityCategory: Loxone ConfigConfig in two languages
4 years ago
Config in two languages

Just in the process of setting up a new miniserver. Installed latest config and firmware. The problem is that config is in two languages. See attachement. How do I fix this?

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4 years ago

Hi Karl, assuming you wanted it in English, I’d suggest downloaing the latest Loxone Config from the UK website & then format the current SD card in your Miniserver. Looking at your screenshot there’s not much going on yet so you won’t be loosing much. This will definitely solve the issue.

4 years ago

Also to ensure this doesn’t happen again, anytime you setup a new Miniserver, be sure to SAVE INTO the Miniserver first and do not pull from it because when the Miniserver comes from the factory, it may well be in another language out of the box.