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Loxone Support CommunityCategory: Loxone ConfigCombination of UFH and high temp radiators
4 years ago
Combination of UFH and high temp radiators


I’m retrofitting loxone heating in my home. And i’ve got some questions about the intelligent temp controller.

The Theben KNX-OT-S box is used to connect via OpenTherm tot the furnace.

For the UFH i want a temp of between 30° and 50° and for the radiators at least 70 with boost to 80.

How do i do this properly? Right now it’s always 50° celcius and when i try to use the KNX “required temperature” its always 70° celcius.

2 Answers
4 years ago

I thought i could do it like this

But the value AQf of both intelligent temperature controllers remain there, i was hoping they drop to 0.

4 years ago

Hi Paul

I\’m afraid that this is the English language support community, so while I can see what function blocks you are using I am unable to translate so am only seeing part of the picture.

The most important aspects to check initially are the linkings of room controllers, and the link between the Intelligent Temperature Controller and the Climate Controller.

For example, double click on all Intelligent Temperature Controllers and check the correct rooms are connected depending on whether they are UFH or Radiators.

Also do the same for the Climate Controller but this should have all rooms connected.

On all of the Intelligent Room Controllers please ensure that only Heating is ticked and not cooling.

Finally check the parameters of the blocks to ensure the correct settings are done. Controller for on the Intelligent Temperature Controller will be one of the most important.

If you need further analysis please contact support in your area as they will be able to understand all of the logic on your page.