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Loxone Support CommunityCategory: ProductsCan you control a Tree Valve Actuator?
4 years ago
Can you control a Tree Valve Actuator?

Just wondering if you can control a tree valve actuator in config to open and close for specific functions/flow and not just for the likes of a heating manifold?

1 Answers
4 years ago

Hi Dean

Tree Actuators are a proportional output, as such they are an analogue output in Loxone that you can provide a 0-10 signal to.

This therefore means that yes you can create custom logic to operate the Valve Actuator. You can also use Live View with Manual Value Adjustment to move the valve in config for testing purposes.

Just be aware that while all of this is possible from a logic perspective I can’t say whether the application for the Actuator would be correct.

4 years ago

Thanks for the info Hugh, informative as ever.