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Loxone Support CommunityCategory: InstallationCan Relays be put in star (with respect to the miniserver) ?
3 years ago
Can Relays be put in star (with respect to the miniserver) ?


is it ok to have two Relays directly connected to the Miniserver (each of the Link terminated with a 120 Ohm resistor of course) ?


1st (Link) cable connects MiniServer <-> Relay °1

2nd (Link) cable connects MiniServer <-> Relay °2

and so no direct cable between the two Relays.

thanks ! Jan

1 Answers
3 years ago


I take it you mean Relay Extensions. In which case I am afraid not, the Loxone link must be a strict bus with the Miniserver at the beginning of the line and the last Extension terminated with a 120ohm resistor. No form of star or spur configuarion is allowed.

If these are Cat cables going to each Extension why not send the link out on one pair and back on the other.


1st cable blue pair from Miniserver to Relay 1, Relay 1 brown pair back, then connected to blue pair on 2nd cable to Relay 2.

This way you have a bus and no star configuration.



3 years ago

thanks Hugh for the clear and quick answer !
+ good suggestion, because I will be using CAT7, so I will do that. Jan