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Loxone Support CommunityCategory: PlanningBattery powered window blind control
3 years ago
Battery powered window blind control


i need to control blinds from loxone where there is no power or data at the windows. I know there are good battery powered blinds available now. does anyone know how to intergrate these with loxone to control from loxone? i have been googling a lot to try to find a solution but nothing i can understand so far, the property has loxone air throughout and a 1home box installed.

I am happy to invest cash and time into a solution that would avoid running cables to be controlled by loxone.

Thank you

2 Answers
3 years ago

Hi Darran,

Ive have used the Internorm I-tec windows with an Internorm extension. The windows recharge via sunlight and talk direct to the extension. Im not sure if internorm sell blinds seperate to the windows.

Kind regards,


3 years ago

Thank you I’ll check that out.

3 years ago

Hi Darran

In addition, from version 12 of config due for release soon there will also be native integration of Luxaflex blinds. You don’t have the ability of granular control of the blinds but can recall scenes set within the Luxaflex Powerview hub and app.



3 years ago

That sounds like what I need. Thank you