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4 years ago
Alarm Clock

I am using the Alarm Clock function block to turn on the main light in the bedroom at a set time. However, if one of the side lights is on prior to that, triggering the Bu input and the Wake Up Mood turns the side light off. Is it possible to keep the side light on and mix in the Wake Up Mood?



1 Answers
4 years ago

Hi Ewan

I’m afraid this is not a designed functionality, the Wake Up Mood has no ability to be mixed and the lighting controller will simply switch to it, this is due to the fact the mood is gradually raised to the final value with parameter Tb.

I can request as a feature with the software team but it may be the case that it is not practically possible.

What you could do however, is instead of triggering the Bu mood with the alarm, trigger a normal mood that is set to mix, but have some logic created to increase the fade duration (Tf) just prior to the alarm going off to be much longer e.g 180 seconds. Then to have the fade duration return to normal after the alarm ends.