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Loxone Support CommunityCategory: General3 Phase modbus meter maximum current
4 years ago
3 Phase modbus meter maximum current

I am installing a 3 phase meter, I note that the maximum measured current is 65 Amps. Th epremises has 100Amp fuses on each phase, what will happen to the meter if more than 65 Amps is drawn? will the meter survive, and just not measure currents above 65 Amps?

I have installed a solar PV array, and I want to monitor how balanced the loads are.

Many thanks

George Redpath

1 Answers
4 years ago

Hi George

You are correct that the Loxone 3-phase energy meter measures up to 65A. I wouldn’t be able to say what happens beyond this current as it is outside of its range, however as it is not rated for 100A supply it should not be fitted on one.

Many manufacturers make suitable 100A 3-phase meters that support Modbus, pulse output, and IR. A quick search on Google should net some positive results

Otherwise please call the office and we can discuss for the project in detail.