External Shutter Control

Intelligently control your external shutters with Loxone. However, you’ll gain far more than the ability to open and close them – Loxone gives you incredible levels of functionality – helping you get the most out of your external shutters. 

Have them slowly open in the morning to let light creep in to wake you up, automatically lower at night to give you some privacy, and much more…

External shutters on modern house

The Loxone Miniserver

As the brain of your Loxone system, the Miniserver knows its exact location and consequently knows the position of the sun, outside temperatures, wind speed and much more.

Therefore, it always knows exactly what to do with your external shutters and takes care of them automatically. The illustration below shows what a typical day could look like when your external shutters are controlled with Loxone.

Good morning

Passive heating

Automatic shading

Storm protection


Beim Aufheizen am Vormittag fährt die Beschattung automatisch hoch


Everyone is up and dressed. The external shutters automatically raise and the morning sun streams through the windows for a great start to the day.

Beim Aufheizen am Vormittag fährt die Beschattung automatisch hoch

9:00 – 11:00

Your home uses the natural warmth of the sun to bring your rooms to a comfortable temperature.

Automatische Rolladensteuerung & Jalousiesteuerung


Your external shutters automatically respond depending on the weather conditions, room temperature and the position of the sun. If it is too warm inside, the angle of the blinds will be automatically adjusted or closed completely. 

die Rolladensteuerung fährt als Windschutz automatisch hoch


If a storm occurs, your external shutters will automatically retract to protect against wind damage.

Nachts fährt die Jalousie- bzw. Rolladensteuerung automatisch als Sichtschutz herunter


As the sun begins to sink, your shutters are closed automatically to offer privacy and help you unwind after a busy day.

External shutters with remote control

Wirelessly control external shutters with Loxone Air Technology – perfect for retrofitters

We know that it’s not always possible to pull cables, that’s why we’ve developed our very own wireless technology – which is especially helpful for those who are looking to retrofit. 

If your existing electric shutters are compatible, then you can automate them with Loxone Air technology. 

External shutter control with Loxone – far more than protection from the sun

Temperature management, privacy protection, flexible groupings, child lock and so much more. With Loxone, you get far more out of your external shutters than you ever could have imagined. Click below to find out exactly what is possible with a Loxone-enabled automated shutter system.