Miniserver &
Miniserver Go

The Loxone hub for processing logic in building automation and control projects of all kinds.

The Miniserver is specifically designed for use in an electrical environment. It acts as the central control unit for home & building automation, taking care of tasks related to security, comfort, and energy efficiency. It does this without the need for any user intervention; staying to true to the concept of automation.

A Loxone system is exceptionally versatile and inherently expandable thanks to Extensions. Plus, a powerful suite of software makes the Miniserver the ultimate solution for professional building automation and control requirements. This is true whether you use the Miniserver or the Miniserver Go.

The Miniserver has the following interfaces:


From powerful relays, analogue and digital inputs, and a LAN port, to Loxone Tree and Loxone Link – the Miniserver has numerous interfaces onboard to integrate an array of sensors and actuators into the building or home automation installation you are commissioning.

LAN Interface
– IPv4/IPv6

SD Card Slot
– Industrial grade 8GB Micro-SD memory card

8x Digital Inputs 24VDC with new
push-in technology

4x Analogue Inputs 0-10V with new
push-in technology

Power Supply
19.2VDC … 30VDC

Loxone Link Interface
(max. 30 Extensions)

Loxone Tree Interface (max. 50 Tree devices)
+ Tree Intercommunication

8x Digital Outputs (potential-free)
– 250VAC/10A cosφ=1
– 30VDC/10A

Miniserver Go

Thanks to the in-built Loxone Air interface, up to 128 Air devices can be paired with the Miniserver Go. With the Loxone Link interface, you can further expand the installation by connecting up to 30 Extensions.

Loxone Link Interface
(max. 30 Extensions)

LAN Interface
– IPv4/IPv6

SD Card Slot
– Industrial grade 8GB Micro-SD memory card

Power Supply 5VDC (USB)

Loxone Air Interface (max. 128 Air devices)

The Miniserver:

Versatile and expandable with Loxone Link and a range of Extensions

Depending on the version, the Miniserver is already packed with technology allowing the integration of sensors and actuators for your building and home automation installations.

When you need more, that is where our Extensions come in. They extend the functionality in an installation, making Loxone an inherently expandable solution.

The size of an installation and the specifics of what you need to automate and control will determine which Extensions you’ll need to add.

Whether you need to control bespoke lighting, aircon units, a projector and screen setup, etc. You’ll find the right Extension for the job. Our range includes Extensions for DALI, 1-Wire, RS485, Modbus and many, many more.

Made for building automation

Loxone Technologies

Our two core technologies; Loxone Air and Loxone Tree, have been specifically designed and developed for use in building and home automation. With these robust and purpose-built technologies developed in-house, the Loxone range of hardware and software ensures reliable functionality and interoperability in your projects.

Loxone Tree:
Peripherals in record time

The award-winning Loxone Tree Technology is a free-form wiring topology; designed to keep cabling in automation installations to a minimum – whether in a smart home, commercial building or custom application. If the installation presents the opportunity to pull cables, then the Tree variant is the way to go – an ideal option for new builds.

Up to 80% less cabling than other professional automation options
– Devices for lighting, heating and security commissioned in record time
Assured interoperability with hardware and software designed to work together

Loxone Air:
The best option for retrofitting

Loxone Air is a purpose-developed wireless technology that allows for the creation of automation in installations that may not present the chance to pull cables. Our wireless range of products offers intuitive automation and control without compromising on functionality, making Air the perfect solution for retrofitting and renovation projects.

– Inherently expandable
– Minimum energy consumption
– Fully encrypted communication
– Impressive signal range with mesh technology

Holistically designed: from planning and wiring to commissioning and usability

Practical tools for
Project Planning

The powerful and intuitive project planning and the auto-configuration features, coupled with the know-how of being a trained Loxone installer, are invaluable from the initial customer meeting through to delivering the completed project.

These features are included in our free Loxone Config software and are intuitive to use.

Tree Wiring

Gone are the days of time-consuming troubleshooting due to rigid wiring topologies. Whether it’s star, daisy-chain, tree or bus – Loxone Tree technology gives you complete flexibility when it comes to wiring your products.

The result is up to 80% less cabling compared to other automation solutions.


Before putting your configuration into operation on a live installation, you can do a full test with Simulation Mode.

Additionally, the Miniserver and Extension all have a set of LEDs that can be used to quickly diagnose the state of the device to confirm the hardware is correctly installed too.

Completely Scalable 


If you have a particularly large project, several Miniservers can be used in a gateway/client setup. This increases capacity and enables automation on a large-scale.

The gateway Miniserver combines all of the respective sub-areas together and forms a comprehensive system with an accompanying app. Should the maintenance or expansion of an individual sub-area be needed, all other sub-areas will continue to run autonomously.

Tree Intercommunication

With Tree Intercommunication, several Miniservers can connect to one another and exchange data via the Tree interface – this can be encrypted if required.

Example: An apartment building has multiple flats. Each flat has its own Miniserver, and then there is a central Miniserver for the entire building. The electricity meter is connected to the central Miniserver, which then sends the respective usage data of each flat to the residents – to give them an overview of their consumption.

Tools for remote maintenance and management 

Simple remote maintenance with Live View

Live View allows you to monitor your projects remotely – so you can check in from the comfort of your office, allowing you to  assess the situation immediately.

Want to simulate a specific scenario? Well, Live View lets you make manual changes to specific values. Then you can see how that would affect the whole installation. 

Access from anywhere with Remote Connect

With our free Remote Connect Service, you can access your installations quickly and easily – regardless of where you are in the world. It’s simple to set up. No port forwarding required.

Your customers would probably like to be able to access their home or building via the Loxone App while they’re on the go. Well, with Remote Connect, you can give the remote access without any hassle.

Whether you’re using Live View or the Remote Connect Service – communication with the Miniserver is always encrypted end-to-end. This ensures maximum security.