Crafted by Loxone: The Smart Brewery

Duaan Lewis
1st November 2017 in Case Studies

The average Briton consumes 67 litres (117 pints) of beer each year, with sales of the beverage accounting for 54% of alcohol sales in pubs, hotels and restaurants during 2016. We’re sure some of our Partners enjoy a cheeky pint after a long week of installing Loxone, and so we’re pleased to show you the world’s first Loxone Smart Brewery, where our very own ‘Loxone Smart Home Beer’ is brewed.

Source: BBPA


The owner of this brewery, one of the oldest in the world (est. 1449), contacted Loxone because he wanted to simplify his brewing process, all the while continuing to brew the best beer possible.
We went in and Lox-ified the brewery, going above and beyond to automate the process from crop to bottle.

Temperature Monitoring & Heat Recovery

In order to brew great beer, temperature is a key factor. To simplify the temperature monitoring process, the brewery wanted to implement intelligent temperature control. For example, in the silos, the barley needs to be cooled down to 10°C during the winter. Meanwhile in the cellar, the beer ferments in tanks at a constant temperature of 2.5°C. Should there be any sudden changes in temperature, the brewery master is informed immediately via the Loxone app.

Additionally, the steam that once was a byproduct of the brewing process is no longer wasted, but rather captured and condensed into 90ºC hot water that can be used to maintain the required temperatures throughout the brewery, without having to unnecessarily draw in extra energy to do this.

Silo Control

The ‘Hofstetten’ brewery produce all of their own ingredients, which are stored in huge silos. In times past, these commodities were shovelled manually, but now they use a conveyor belt – automated by the Loxone Miniserver. As soon as the conveyer belt is full, it automatically stops. Thanks to predefined follow-up times, no barley stays on the conveyor any longer than it needs to.

Security Features

The whole brewery is monitored by smart smoke detectors – even the room with the silo tanks where the dusty barley is stored. In the event of a fire, the brewery owner and the employees are notified immediately, where they will have the choice to activate the sprinkler system and/or call the fire brigade, saving their business from potentially devastating damage.




These were just a few of the features in the Loxone Smart Brewery, but there are a lot more! Have a look at some of our other case studies for more Loxone inspiration!

Loxone Smart Home Beer

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